Hello from somewhere on planet earth and welcome to A Travel Writer! I am the (a) travel writer of this site and I enjoy sharing experiences to help you get informed for your own plans or maybe come up with some new ideas to go to. My philosophy on travel is not about hitting every place there is or getting the biggest rush or even doing something that is truly unique. After all, one's own comfortable home is a travel destination waiting to be experienced. For me travel is about experiencing places and building the most enjoyable memories - with a mix of wonder, adventure, newness, some luxury and even the stresses and discomfirts! Everything in balance.

I always found planning my destination just as and sometimes more enjoyable than actually realizing it - and that is one of the goals of this site. To help you plan or think about where you want to go to next and then also deal with the practical realities once you get there. Informed travelers enjoy their trips more and I hope to add my own writings to the vast wiki of the internet in the hopes that someone going there finds it useful. So I do hope you found what you were looking for here, or if you weren't looking for some travel report in particular, I hope you enjoyed the reads nonetheless.

Safe Travels till next time and feel free to drop a note via the contact page.

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